Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gentrify Brooklyn moving to the new UCBeast on Avenue A; first show Friday night

It appears that the Upright Citizens Brigade's East Village outpost on Avenue A has an opening date. The Gentrify Brooklyn comedy show takes up residency here starting Friday night. Per the troupe's Facebook page:

GENTRIFY is moving to the Upright Citizens Brigade's new theater UCBeast THIS FRIDAY at 11pm!

The new Gentrify will be bigger, better, funnier, Getrifyier, and somehow, perhaps, impossibly, even Brooklynier.

GENTRIFY is a killer comedy variety show every Friday at 11PM at UCBeast, Avenue A between 3rd and 4th Streets. Be there!

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FunnyAllen said...

I'm confused. There are no cargo shorts in this video? Are you sure this isn't a hoax?

FactCheck said...

1.) Young non-native East Villagers who go to East Village bars do not wear cargo shorts.

2.) Those people don't tend to go to sketch comedy shows.

Whether you're making fun of people from other neighborhoods who go to East Village bars, or people who go to UCB for shows--neither group wears cargo shorts, just sayin'.

You know who wears cargo shorts? Workmen in the summer and little kids--go nuts.

EV Grieve said...

Regardless, the UCBeast opening will create jobs for cargo shorts.

Shawn Chittle said...

When you use a Boogie Down Productions track from the South Bronx, having an all-white cast shows just how absolutely fucking moronic you are.

UCB couldn't get anything better than this? Jesus.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Maybe like LCD Soundsystem? Except the chick in the band's Asian, so that could be moronic too.

Lindsay said...

Wait, these people are supposed to be funny?

Sheesh said...

Man, you guys are negative.

Shawn, "Sound of Da Police" is used, I assume, because the new theater is referred to as "The Beast," a phrase you might recognize from the song you clearly know so much about. Citing their whiteness seems petty and pernicious.

As someone who goes to the UCB on occasion and has seen Gentrify when it was in Brooklyn, it's a good show. The people in this video are all regular performers at UCB, so yeah, they are supposed to be funny. Take it up with the thousands and thousands of people who watch comedy and take classes there.

VH McKenzie said...

I hope their shows are a lot funnier than this lame trailer.

Uncle Waltie said...

"we all did the show in Brook
because we live in Brook "

Oh well, good luck, guys - it's gonna be one tough crowd you're exposing yourselves to here in the East Village.
I do salute you for your guts to undertake this endeavor. One simple piece of advice: Don't end your sentence in an upward inflection unless it's a question. Nobody talks like this down here. Again...good luck!

Anonymous said...

They'll have plenty of B&T and NYU kids to fill the seats. Oh well. At least it's not a bar.

Sheesh said...

I hate to burst your elitist, insular EV bubble, Uncle Waltie, but a) these people are playing characters, and b) believe it or not there are people who "talk like this" everywhere, even in the EV (!).

And if any of you had ever been to a UCB show, you might see a healthy population of East Villagers at the shows. I do. If you want names, let me know. You're not that tough a crowd - you guys like comedy just like everyone else.

Anon, it is a bar as well as a theater, and the crowd will mostly be adult New Yorkers. Hope that still gives you something to complain online about.

Uncle Waltie said...

I stand erected.

Sheesh said...

See? I knew you liked comedy.