Monday, March 5, 2012

Going through the roof at 315 E. 10th St.

We've been waiting for workers to go through the roof of the circa-1847 building at 315 E. 10th St. As you'll recall, the city OK'd a one-floor rooftop addition here in January hours before the Landmarks Preservation Committee approved the East 10th Street Historic District.

Meanwhile, this makeshift fence just appeared the other day on the roof ... and there is plenty of activity at the building...

[Bobby Williams from Saturday]

However, from this view via Jose Garcia ... you can see the new addition is well underway...

Jose also notes the arrival in mid-January of a note on letterhead from a company called "315 East 10th Street Owner, LLC." The letter was an announcement on the pending construction at 315. The letter was signed "Keith Holden Project Manager," but when nearby residents called the number, no one there had ever heard of a Keith Holden. The people in charge onsite at 315 were also unfamiliar with a Keith Holden.

Holden's name is also on the DOB permits for 315 E. 10th St.

Developer Benjamin Shaoul's Magnum Real Estate Group owns the property.

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Dave - Everywhere said...

Isn't the appearance of an apparently fake name on an official document a crime - perjury or fraud? Maybe the DOB ought to be asked who Keith Holden is and provide some evidence that such a person actually exists and it the "project manager".

glamma said...

this is despicable. how could the DOB approve this atrocity? is nothing sacred?
this reeks of fraud and corruption.
what i would give to see a thorough investigation of all the blatantly illegal goings-on at the DOB during the Bloomberg administration.
Just disgusting

nygrump said...

Hey, there are some children walking down the street that must be searched - get your priorities straight!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that the residents contact CB 3 District Manager Susan Stetzer and Jessica at Councilmember Rosie Mendez's office and ask them to get DOB to audit this job. They have done so on several other projects Shaoul is involved in as he does so many shady illegal things. DOB will investigate, but only if they are pressured by local officials as they are not responsive to residents.

jose garcia said...

just wrote to Susan, let's see if she will help us.