Thursday, March 1, 2012

NY1 features Avenue C sinkhole

Posted this photo by Bobby Williams from Avenue C at 13th Street early last week... and tonight, the sinkhole made its New York TV News Debut... over at NY1, who reported on its NY1 For You feature:

Pedestrians who routinely walk along Avenue C at 13th Street know to avoid a huge crack in the sidewalk which they say is slowly caving in. But with a school around the corner the cavernous hole is a danger to those who aren't aware of it.

"It's extremely dangerous," said one concerned parent.

"If you don't know that the hole is there it's dangerous for people with children," said another.

Pedestrians say the deep hole has been this way for a while and they've seen no attempt by the city to repair it.



The bigger story is that nobody called for help when this car fell from the sky, crushing Ke$ha. Look at her trapped like that... Oh wait. That's not Ke$ha, it's a gutter full of garbage. Oops!

Dave on 7th said...

That sink hole has been there for over a year & has actually not gotten any worse. It's been that way from the beginning. I suspect it was caused by a truck driving over the weakened storm drain. This morning it's surrounded by con Ed barriers.