Friday, March 2, 2012

[Updated] Report: Worker falls through subway grate in front of IHOP

[DNA/Tuan Nguyen]

We're receiving reader reports that someone fell through a subway grate on East 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue. As Fox first reported:

A worker fell through a subway grate on E. 14th Street in Manhattan Friday morning, said FDNY officials.

It is not clear why the grate, which serves as a ventilation shaft for the subway tunnel below the sidewalk, gave way.

The worker who is in his 60s was rushed to Bellevue Hospital with neck injuries, added EMS officials.

One reader said that it occurred in front of IHOP ... which the report (and photo) by DNAinfo confirms ...

The Times noted that the man was not seriously injured.


The worker DID NOT fall through the grate. He was standing on a ladder beneath the grate and fell.



Rooty tooty fresh and fractured.

Lisa said...

I've had the vague, nagging fear that a subway grate would collapse beneath me since the first day I moved to NY.

Over the years I've conquered the silly phobia, and have long since learned to fearlessly stroll across 'em (with dash and derring-do, if I do say so myself).

My inner grate-o-phobe was validated by reading this however-- she triumphantly exclaimed, "SEE? It happens! We're all fucking CRAZY to walk across the things!"

Anonymous said...

What about all the restaurants (they are mostly restaurants that do this) that keep their cellar doors open all the time for staff to run up and down for supplies as they need to?

I'm surprised that more people haven't slipped and broken their necks falling down into the cellars or absentmindedly stepped into the holes and met their fate.

It's illegal for them to be open when not in active use but nobody seems to ticket them for this.