Thursday, April 5, 2012

The BMW Guggenheim Lab finds a more upscale Berlin location to confront comfort

[The proposed BMW Guggenheim Lab construction at Pfefferberg.]

A few weeks ago, organizers for The BMW Guggenheim Lab, last seen on East First Street, canceled its stint in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin due to an "elevated risk" of threats toward the project.

However, organizers have found a new home in Berlin. According to a report at Spiegel Online:

"[I]t won't be in the famously counterculture district of Kreuzberg, where some residents had launched ferocious opposition to the project. Instead, the traveling lab sponsored by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and luxury carmaker BMW will now be located in the eastern Prenzlauer Berg district — an area known and sometimes even ridiculed for undergoing extensive gentrification, a hot button issue in Berlin. It's unlikely that the project will face quite as much hostility there."

The theme for the first two-year cycle of the BMW Guggenheim Lab is "Confronting Comfort." The Lab will be in Berlin from June 15 to July 29, then it's off to Mumbai.


[Image via Spiegel]

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tiny tim said...

I like how it's already conceded that they will face some hostility, just not as much as in the other location.

Fuck BMW.