Monday, April 23, 2012

[Updated] Shitty way to start Monday: Garbage truck crushes parked cars on Delancey

EV Grieve reader @guywasko sent along this photo from Delancey Street today... Word is that a garbage truck, owned by Imperial Sanitation Corp., blew a tire and smashed into 6-8 parked cars along this eastern stretch of Delancey... no reports of any injuries...

The Lo-Down has a lot more photos here. BoweryBoogie has some nice aerial views of the damage here.

The driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel, according to published reports.


Axis of Eville said...

this is how i lost my first car - someone drove into it while parked and totaled it. looks like most of those cars are totaled.

Anonymous said...

ouch..glad no one was in the cars