Saturday, April 21, 2012

[Updated] Tomorrow: First Park Earth Day

From the EV Grieve inbox...

Join our April 22nd Earth Day grand opening of our first season of cultural programming in First Park at 33 East First Street from 2:30 – 6:30 p.m. We will unveil a sculpture by Robert Sestok, listen to guitar wizard, Gary Lucas, and Sunday New York Times columnist Rosie Schapp. There will be dance, collaborative painting, and children's events. The day will provide a sample of the season to come.

This is the first event here since the BMW/Guggenheim Labbers left last fall.

Also, in case of crap weather... the organizers hope to do this rain or shine... Per one of the organizers on Facebook: "if weather is bad, we have a small pavilion to put up, and a large tarp, and if need be we can take shelter in #35, next door to the park, starting the after party early."


Anonymous said...

We don't need cultural events that will bring in more tourists and draw more attention to the neighborhood as a destination for food, fun and entertainment.
If cultural events want to take place then do it indoors. People can then choose if they want to go inside. These outdoor events will further destroy the area.

People need to understand that these outdoor events are all part of Bloomberg's master plan to completely overthrow what ever is left of the neighborhood. This past summer we had the Festival of New Ideas right out in on the street and endless street events on the LES south of Houston. Lets not allow that to happen to the East Village. They are trying very hard to push this stuff more towards the EV, to weasel their way into our area so that our area becomes the same as the now destroyed LES. Lets not let them take the EV too.

First Street Green should stand by tha East Village and turn this lot into a park.

It seems to me that First Street Green never had any intention to turn this public space into a park, even though they suggested it as a possibility.

Not much left between Avalon Bay and all of the destabalized apartments in the area.

The Parks department said that they would replace the tree that they removed. Well where is it?

Anonymous said...

I just walked by, it seemed to be open already. Not exactly what i would call a 'park' no plants (or tree) , no benches to sit on, just concrete and this one sculpture. Not bad as an art installation, but not what other gardens in the area have achieved.

DrBOP said...

I hear the "after-after" party is over at EVGrieve's booze and catered.....scary clowns for the kids...EVGrievettes for the adults....I'm callin' the radio stations RIGHT is an open party, right?...let's make this "The Party That EV Will Never Forget"!

EV Grieve said...


Yes. Everything is artisanal and farm-to-table in honor of Earth Day, except for all the Styrofoam cups and stuff that I'm using. And the whole hog.

So dress as your favorite tree, and be sure scream a lot on the way over. I'm at 75 Third Ave., ninth floor.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so *this* is what that woman and her kids were looking for, wandering around Tompkins Square Park in the rain Sunday a.m. Wonder if they ever found it.