Friday, April 27, 2012

Report: Police guns stolen from 9th Precinct

Since February, someone has stolen four 9mm handguns, two bulletproof vests and other items from a locker room at the Ninth Precinct, the Post reports today.

Despite an Internal Affairs investigation, the thefts have continued, usually during the night shift at the station on East Fifth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

"Whoever is doing this is pretty ballsy. I can’t believe the department, especially the Internal Affairs Bureau, isn’t taking this more seriously," an unnamed source tells the Post.

The NYPD believe it us an inside job — the room is inaccessible to anyone walking in off the street, the Post notes. And nearly 180 people work in the station house.

And how is the thief penetrating the lockers?

"If you just bang on the lockers they pop open," said one source.

[Image via New York Songlines]

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Anonymous said...

Kind of surprising, for a brand new, multi-million dollar, 9-11 funded, black-ops command center.