Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Various reports: Grad students will start paying tuition at Cooper Union

[Outside Cooper Union earlier this week. Photo by Bobby Williams]

As you may have heard, Cooper Union announced yesterday that it will begin charging graduate students next year. There will also be fees for other professional and continuing education programs and online courses.

Meanwhile, for now anyway, the school's no-tuition policy remains in place for undergraduates. (You can read more here in the Times ... or at Gothamist ... or the Journal ... take your pick — everyone has the story... )


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Anonymous said...

I guess no one here cares about the end of the mission of the only college in the United States not specifically designed to separate young people from enough of their money to leave them in unforgivable debt for the rest of their lives without requiring military service of them. That's too bad. I guess this is what's happened to the Village.