Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sinkhole closes East Sixth Street

The block between Avenue A and Avenue b remains closed for now... depending on who you speak with, a truck either got stuck in the sinkhole or caused the sinkhole late this afternoon. Various city types got the truck's tire out of the hole... and a crew is on the scene now to repair it...

...and that's enough photos, Bobby Williams!

...and from Matt LES_Miserable ...


Anonymous said...

looks like "being on the job" might mean a few less "Krispy Kream"

Anonymous said...

anon 4:53AM..that's funny

Dave - Everywhere said...

An imagined conversation:

First photo:

Cop - "Looks like a hole"

Guy with hat - "Yup - sure does"

Second photo

Cop - "You do this?"

Guy with hat - "I dont know nothin' about this"

Third photo

Cop - "Better get behind the tape. Could be dangerous".

Fourth photo

First cop - "Keep an eye on that hole. I gotta go call this in"

Lady cop - "Get me a donut too".

Big Brother said...

Officer Dunkin' reporting for duty!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget:

Cop: "Oh, looks like the press is here. Better go shut *that* down quick."

chris flash said...

Not to be outdone by the woman who was stomped by three kkkops at Cooper Union when she tried to enter the building, the sink hole was later arrested for disturbing the peace....