Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend recap: Downtown Auto & Tire has left the Bowery

From yesterday:

This probably isn't much of a shocker... we've been watching the doomed corner of the Bowery and Great Jones the past few years... waiting for the day that Downtown Auto & Tire packed up and left ... there's no place for a auto repair shop on the new luxurious Bowery

As for what's possibly coming next ... one commenter said, "Rumor has it the garage is going to be used as a private garage by a guy who is a car buff."

That's possible in the short-term ... there are also retail rumors, one friend of EV Grieve said that Eddie Bauer passed on the space, and that Quicksilver was now kicking the tires on the corner, so to speak...

Two years ago, 348 Bowery (Downtown Auto), 350 (former Gallery 151) and 352 were on the market... 352 is now home to the furniture brand Environment. At this point, we're not sure if the new tenant would take 348 and 350... or just the corner lot... We're working on tracking down more details...

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