Sunday, April 22, 2012

At First Park Green's Earth Day

Despite the dreary weather, the show went on today at First Park Green ... Earth Day (today!) marked the grand opening of the Park's first season of cultural programming ... including the unveiling of a sculpture by Robert Sestok ...

Photos by Bobby Williams.


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DrBOP said...

So it's Monday night, and not only can't I find this "after-after" party, but I can't get this damn oak tree costume off. Either I keep bumpin' into what I THINK is the elevator to the 9th floor, or all these strange sounding dogs keep pissin' on my roots.(WHAT kinda dog keeps goin' WOOOOO-HOOOOO?) This is NOT turning out the way I had planned it. I was SOOO looking forward to meeting some EVGrievettes for stimulating conversation.