Thursday, April 26, 2012

That time again: May's CB3/SLA agenda includes 34 Avenue A (again); new home for Gruppo Pizza

[34 Avenue A]

Seriously, didn't we just do this? Well, CB3 released its meetings rundown for May, including the CB3/SLA docket...

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, May 14 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 E. Fifth St. at Bowery

As always at this point, we don't know a lot about some of the new applicants just yet... Have a tip about any of these? Please let us know via the EV Grieve email ... Here are a few of interest... the whole agenda is here.

Renewal with Complaint History
• Boiler Room (JB Max Inc), 86 E 4th St (op)

• Ninth Ward (Church & Louis Inc), 180 2nd Ave (op)

• Numero 28 (La Meridiana 2 Ltd), 176 2nd Ave (wb)

• The 13th Step (149 Second Ave Rest Inc), 149 2nd Ave (op)

Sidewalk Café Application
• Nicoletta (Letta #1 LLC), 160 2nd Ave

• Cornerstone Café (AO Café and Restaurant LLC), 17 Ave B

Applications within Resolution Areas
• To be Determined, 34 Ave A (wb)

A scratch from last month... Here we go again with this space, seemingly doomed to any applicant since Aces & Eights held the liquor license... As you probably know, CB3 has rejected all the recent plans for a bar-restaurant-performance space here. Will this be any different? The applicant is only vying for beer and wine...

[Ah the memories! 98 Avenue B a few years ago...]

• Pizza Grupo (Fat Dog Inc), 98 Ave B (wb/removal from 186 Ave B)

Layalay, the B&T hookah hotspot on Avenue B between Sixth Street and Seventh, got shutdown in October 2009. We've seen workers renovating the space... Pizza Grupo will be moving into here one of these days...

• Babel, 129 Ave C (op)

• The Standard East Village (Cooper AB LLC), 25-33 Cooper Sq (op/close 2nd floor bar terrace/new outdoor space on north/alter hours/other alts)

Held over from last month. Read about the Hotel's plans here.

• To be Determined, 137 1st Ave (wb)

• Shervin's World Inc, 131 E 7th St (wb)

• Paulaner Brauhaus Restaurant LLC, 265-267 Bowery (op)

BoweryBoogie had the scoop on the German-based Paulaner Brewery aiming to open a beer hall just south of Houston.

Corporate Change (not heard at committee)
• Moonwalkers Restaurant Corp, 101 Ave A (op)

This is the Pyramid... continue to hear rumblings about its future...

b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations |up=upgrades


Anonymous said...

Shut this shit down already..enough hypergentrification..someone with money should get hold of some businesses and then return them to their original glory..think on this...we'll buy the fukjlcin place and then return it to the neighborhood..don't know how this can happen but I hope it will and anyone laffing..can stuff it

Brian Van said...

It looks like the 34 Avenue A folks only have to pitch the community board, get some verbal feedback, and then go straight to the SLA whether they get the CB endorsement or not. I don't think the SLA will approve them without stipulations, but I'd think that a Sun-Thu 12a closing (Fri-Sat 2a) would be enough to offer for the SLA to approve. Run the place as good citizens for a year and then upgrade. Make that plan work and you've got yourself a bar.

Anonymous said...

"b&t hookah hotspot"....I got a nasty little shiver just from reading that.

Big Brother said...

How is it the Boiler Room is on the complaint list? I've been going there for over a decade and can't ever recall it being a scene outside.

However, the crowd has become MUCH younger and way more mixed - OMG! Flip-Flip Flip-Flop - the past year or two so I see the potential for woo-hooing.

Is the complaint history online at all? I'd be curious to know more about their record.