Monday, April 16, 2012

One reason why there were police barricades outside the Starbucks on Astor Place yesterday

Several news photos related to the events Saturday night outside the Astor Place Starbucks show police barricades alongside the store... such as this one in DNAinfo...

The accompanying caption notes, "The Starbucks on Astor Place with police barricades in front on April 15, 2012." (The Daily News published a similar photo.)

Yes, those are police barricades. However, it's unclear from any media accounts or live tweets whether police actually used the barricades Saturday in the skirmish that led to the arrest of three men.

However, one thing is certain about the police barricades... the NYPD used them earlier on Saturday for an Astor Place street fair.

Crews likely stacked up the barricades after the street fair ended early Saturday evening for pick up later.

This doesn't change what transpired on Saturday night... but there is a difference between using the barricades to block off an intersection for a street fair and put them to use to protect a storefront from so-called anarchists.


[Street fair photos by Bobby Williams]

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chris flash said...

Silly coppers....don't they realize that someone could use those barricades to smash windows????