Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rubble on the menu at the former Life Cafe

On Sunday, a tipster sent us the following email: "I'm told they are tearing down the old Life Cafe today."

Seemed odd, being Easter Sunday and all... but we took a look... We did see two workers leave the space... as well as a few piles of rubble...

We waited to see if there was any further work done on the space yesterday... (answer: a little, though still mostly intact.)

Anyway, the former Life Cafe space here on East 10th Street and Avenue B is being split up... with part of the space accommodating the new, larger home of 9th Street Espresso next door, as The Villager noted.


1 comment:

glamma said...

jaysus. hard to look at that. so many good times.
what a vivid desecration of the east village.