Monday, October 15, 2012

EV Grieve Eatery Etc.: AAA Amici Pizza still open; IHOP still smells

A few weeks ago, we noted that Taureau at 127 E. Seventh St. moved away from the East Village. Our friends at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop told us that Taureau owner Didier Pawlicki was opening another French bistro in the space... So, the renovations continue at the space, and it looks as if it will be called Table Verta...


The Post checked in yesterday with a piece about the East 15th Street residents sick and tired of the noise and smell coming from the IHOP. (We wrote about it last November here and here.)

By the way, the building that houses the IHOP on East 14th Street is still for sale. Still asking $14.5 million. Here's the listing.


And several readers told us that the Starbucks sidewalk seating has returned to the Second Avenue/East Ninth Street location after all that expired permit hoopla with the city... Uh, of course, this photo from Saturday doesn't actually show the tables and chairs out for the day just yet...


And after being closed for a few days on Third Avenue at East 12th Street, AAA Amici Pizza was back open for the weekend, as this photo by EVG reader ‏@robbyohara ...

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glamma said...

that is f*cking bullshit what that nasty IHOP is subjecting those poor residents to. i hope they are as public as possible in banding toegther and going straight to the press to expose this disgusting beahavior by both the chain and the Dept of Buidlings! They made an 86 year old woman go deaf for godssake!!
Not to mention what they do to those poor pigs, cows & chickens... Do you KNOW what kind of conditions those poor beasts are totrured in before they become just another rooty tooty fresh &