Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Starbucks sidewalk cafe returning to Second Avenue

Speaking of sidewalk cafes... last night, The Lo-Down provided live coverage from the monthly CB3/SLA committee meeting. (There were still 22 items left to cover at 11 p.m. The meeting started at 6:30.)

One item that the committee dispatched with quickly: The renewal for the sidewalk cafe at the Starbucks on Second Avenue and East Ninth Street.

[An oldish sidewalk cafe shot via Google Street View]

On May 14, the city shuttered this Starbucks for having an expired permit for its sidewalk cafe. We heard about three different versions about how this happened... and employees told different versions of what happened too. (One employee told a reader the sidewalk cafe was never reopening.)

Anyway, the sidewalk cafe is coming back, as The Lo-Down noted. Also, the documents (PDF!) that the Starbucks reps provided CB3 are worth looking at (well, if you're a dork who likes looking at paperwork... like me!) Quite detailed!

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