Friday, June 22, 2012

Rents going up, duh

The Rent Guidelines Board met at Cooper Union last night to vote on increases for rent-stabilized apartments in NYC.

And? Could have been worse!

Per Curbed, which has a nice summation of the evening:

The RGB voted 5 to 4 to approve an increase of 2 percent or $20, whichever is greater, on one-year leases, and a 4 percent or $40 increase on two-year leases. The owner members had wanted 5 percent and 9 percent, while the tenant members wanted a complete freeze.


Marty Wombacher said...

I wonder what the CMYK has to say about all this.

Uncle Waltie said...

That's exactly what happens when you elect a scumbag like Bloomberg for mayor. When was the last time I got a 6.5% raise....never.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right #2, the nerve of him. After all, Bloomie put a moratorium on property taxes for the landlords, and he also cut that sweet deal with Con Ed so that electricity and gas prices did not go up for landlords. And, of course, he banned all the property insurance carriers from raising their rates for these last few years. Not to mention all those contractors who cut their rates on any repair and routine upkeep on the buildings.

You are so damn right, the gall of those landlords refusing to pass all those savings on to the rent stabilized tenants.

evflip said...

This isn't a nice summation of the evening; it's a summation of EVERY year and it's not so nice! It's a dog and pony show. Pro Tenant RGB member, "No increase!"; Pro Landlord RGB member, "Ridiculously high increase!". The the rest vote in the middle. This year's rent increase was decided long before any of the hearings and the vote. As long as the RGB members are mayoral appointees, then we will never have fair rent increases!

Uncle Waltie said...

Yeah right, #3... there's really a lot of routine maintenance and upkeep going on in my building. 20 years ago we offered the landlord to absolve him/her of all those pesky expenses and take the building a very decent profit.
Do you have any idea how much money I pay monthly...and have been paying for decades? Plus 'I' pay for all the repairs and upgrades. Never the less...welcome to the neighborhood.