Friday, June 29, 2012

The CBGB Festival starts next week , and you can get free tickets here

The inaugural CBGB Festival starts next Thursday and runs through July 8. More than 300 bands will play at 35 venues in Manhatan and Brooklyn... there are also films and conferences and stuff.

Anyway, the CBGB Festival folks, with a big hat tip to East Village Radio, passed along some free individual full-combo passes to the fest for EV Grieve readers. Gives you access to the film, music and conference panels. You're on your own with the booze and bath salts.

Thanks everyone! We gave them all away.

So we have six individual passes to give away.

In lieu of a contest or telling us about your favorite CBGB bathroom moment ... the first six people who email us can can have them... or at least the info about how you get them.

Oh, and you can use the EV Grieve email here. And it is for ONE pass — good for access to the whole festival. (Not two passes for each person.)

And you must be 21... and plan on actually going and not forgetting about it later...

[Image via the CBGB Facebook page by one of our favorites, Danny Hellman.]

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