Friday, June 22, 2012

Reader report: Woman injured in fall on under-construction staircase at 86 E. Fourth St.

Late this afternoon, emergency crews responded to a report of an accident inside 86 E. Fourth St. at Second Avenue...

Per reader @kxd8053, who took these photos ... "woman fell through a marble staircase smashed by construction workers."

According to a notice that the DOB issued today:


We don't know the extent of the injuries yet... more information to follow as it becomes available.

As we've been reporting, RURU & Associates purchased the building last fall ... residents have said that the new owner and management — ID'd by multiple readers and tipsters as the (Oheb)Shalom family — are declining to offer new leases as current tenant leases expire.

Find further coverage of 86 E. Fourth St. here.

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Whitney said...

Wow, that was my floor. I just moved out of that place two months ago (lease renewal was not offered, of course.) Took a month and a half of hassling to get my security deposit, too. Good riddance.

A Rose said...

lived on the 2nd floor years ago and quickly found out how much of a dump the building was. huge rat problems, front entrance door always broken, ceiling leak in the bathroom that was never repaired and for some reason the super lived in florida. so i can only imagine how much worse that place is now. the onlu up-side was the location