Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bloodwrestling and sprinkling in Tompkins Square Park today

Another great afternoon in Tompkins Square Park today with Alpha Women Attack the LES ... Here, some photos of the Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling! and the Good to Go Girls ... all photos by Bobby Williams..

Thanks to Our Lady of Perpetual PMS, Jessica Delfino, Mike SOS and THE SHADOW...


Crazy Eddie said...

Great shots Bobby.
“Stripes” fantasy-check.
Esther Williams fantasy-check.

Our Lady of Perpetual PMS said...

Thanks for the pictures and your unending support! An amazing day in the park - despite complaints and attacks from a fringe Christian group. (!!)
This is totally TMI but I was accidentally wearing four layers of underwear, as I put my wrestling underwear and shorts over my civilian underwear and shorts accidentally!
That may be TMI for some people, but what is PMS without a little TMI, yes?
But that also explains my extra special crankiness at points in the afternoon.
I'm also producing my annual, costumed punk & variety show on Sat. Oct. 27th, so start planning your outfits now! :)
We love ya, Grieve!