Monday, June 25, 2012

Here is the new home for the Lower Eastside Girls Club

[ Elise Shin/HPD via Facebook]

Last Thursday, workers removed the sidewalk bridge along the front of the new Lower Eastside Girls Club Center for Community on Avenue D...

And here's how it's looking as of yesterday...

The 30,000-square-foot building will include 78 affordable and market-rate rental residences, a community facility and retail space ... not to mention an Airstream trailer... and Tyra Banks.

(Here's the official news release from 2010 with more details on what the HQ will house.)

On Oct. 29, 2010, the Lower Eastside Girls Club held their official groundbreaking here between Seventh Street and Eighth Street.

More details on all this later.

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Anonymous said...

I passed by the new building last week and it is quite beautiful. Good work. We should appreciate the workers who build these structures.

Shawn said...

How do I apply for an apartment?

Anonymous said...

Regarding apartment rentals at 101 Avenue D: For all units (market, middle and affordable units) interested renters should contact Dermot Company at 212-262-1220 and leave their names with the receptionist. The Girls Club is not developing or managing the residential component of the project.

Anonymous said...

looks like the avalon building

Lyn Pentecost said...

Hi Grieve. Thanks for the post.
For the record- the Girls Club alone is 30,000 sq. feet. The apartments add another 50,000. Avenue D, in the photo, is the apartment entrance
The Girls Club main entrance will actually be on 8th Street- signage still under construction. And our cafe and bakery will have it's own entrance on 7th St.

Anonymous said...

'The Girls Club is not developing or managing the residential component of the project."

Well I guess that they got what they wanted out of it. Thanks. Fifteen plus years to come up with this Bloombergian plan.

Anonymous said...

The city wanted housing. Girls Club demanded 50% affordable (non-market rate) in the building and they got it. No developer does that willingly.

It's a great moment for girls, past present and future, their families and the community.