Friday, June 29, 2012

How was your free movie in Tompkins Square Park last night?

[via @DoubleOsme]

I didn't go to see the free screening of "Taxi Driver" last night in Tompkins Square Park. But I'm curious how the experience was for you. Anything to report, either positive or negative...?

And I did hear about "the bloody-faced crusty stumbling through the crowd."


Anonymous said...

2 words: crusty control.

No cops around until after the crusties ran about half the lawn away.

Seems like in previous years a better job was done clearing them out before the film started.

In general the police seem to have a more laid back approach with the crusties this summer.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they show Taxi Driver last year too? I have this weird memory of walking through with that exact same scene on the screen.

Anonymous said...

Some of the crusties have moved over to that church on Second Avenue and 10th. They were there last night, stumbling around, trying to hug people and get attention. It's one thing to do that in your late teens/early 20s, but there were a few of them who had to be in their 40s, and it was kind of sad.


I walk by St. Marks Church several times a day and it's always 'Camp Crust' in the little park out front.

chris flash said...

"LES Jewels" (aka "Chickenhead," for the rooster-like mohawk he sports on his small head) started things off by haranguing the crowd and blocking the screen.

Then there was the loud crustie demanding spare change as he made his way through the audience.

This was followed by a female crustie arguing with a fellow crustie about her pet rat being stolen (or something like that.)

One or more crusties then got beaten, leaving one guy with a bloody face, spitting blood as he meandered through the audience that quickly evacuated part of hippie hill.

Oh yeah, the movie was great, as always....

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I guess I left before all the crusty drama, but I enjoyed my time there - especially the fireflies among the audience.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps LES Jewels and the rest were expressing their opnion on the sponsors of this event.

Three of the worst bars in the neighborhood and one of worst real estate brokers and developers. That's right these fims are brought to you buy:
The Blind Barber,
GalleryBar, and
Tower Brokerage.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...that's definitely it. The crusties had the insight to stage a protest of the events sponsors. And they did that by harassing the very folks who happen to live in the neighborhood being exploited. That's the only reasonable explanation.

Anonymous said...

Man... If only they had been screening "Dawn of the Dead", or something. That would have been hilarious.

Anonymous said...

The Crusties had read about the sponsors ahead of time on their pre-paid smart phones, then promptly organized the protest via text message.