Thursday, June 28, 2012

Will you shop at the incoming Kips Bay Fairway?

A little outside our usual boundaries... but maybe this might impact someone's shopping routine... Crain's (via Racked) reports that a Fairway is opening in the Second Avenue strip mall that also houses the (often pleasant) AMC Loews Kips Bay 15 ... the grocery will replace the Office Depot and Crunch Gym there at 30th Street.

Had a neighbor who'd always make a weekend morning/afternoon out of hitting either the Harlem or UWS Fairway... I recall going once and being impressed... and wishing that it was closer to home.


BabyDave said...

What will go into the old Borders space?

Anonymous said...

I've shopped at every store from high-end Citarella and D&D to my local Keyfood, as well as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Fairway is the best market in NYC, hands down.
If Fairway opens up on Second, I will definitely be shopping there a lot. Price wise, it's in between, say, WFs and TJs, but the quality is much better than any of the other places I listed.
Still... 30st is a bit of a hike. But at least won't have to do UWS anymore.

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

I've never been to a Fairway but I've heard great things about it.

When I lived in Harlem I still bought groceries at the Union Square Trader Joes, so I'll travel far for good, cheap groceries.

The M15 Select Service will make this easy.

Anonymous said...

WHy in the world won't Trader Joes or Fairway open up in our area??
EV is completely underserved by a decent grocery store.

somewhere like on 14th street btw A and B would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

The old Borders space is being taken by Staples.
plus, the old Dove open MRi space just north across 33rd street is becoming a Chipotles.

BabyDave said...

Thanks, Anon 5:40.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, love the Fairway, will definitely be going.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make sense. You are anti chain yet u rah rah for fairway.

Anonymous said...

Fairway is a local chain Anon 8:58. Duh!

Jill said...

I've been dreaming about a mini fairway on 14th and a.

Anonymous said...

A bit of a nuisance its up on 30th, but still, I'm so there...even something like decent quality olive oil at any kind of reasonable price is tough to come by in our town--FW's got it.

glamma said...

i hate all big stores.

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to recount my wonderful experience at Fairway just a short while ago.

At approximately 10:00 PM, while walking my two dogs, I noticed a beagle tied to a stop sign pole at the corner right by store.

As the dog had no license or ID, I stayed there for around 10 minutes until the owner, if hoefully there was one, came out of Fairway. I expressed my concerns to a woman passing by.

When the owner didn't materialize, I went inside & tied my own two dogs up by the escalator in the street level entry area. I then boarded the escalator to go downstairs & make the inquiry. I didn't feel this would be an issue, since all the food products are one flight down. But...

Before I was even halfway down, the so- called "security guard", or, more accurately, what's supposed to pass for one, wasted no time in bellowing, "ARE DOZE YOUR DOGS TIED UP DERE?!?"j

When I calmly & concisely explained that I wasn't about to do the same thing with mine as the one I was inquiring about, he didn't want to hear it: "WE NOT THE ASPCA! WE NOT DA POH-LEESE!"

I calmly acknowledged I'm aware he's not the police, but have no problem whatsoever getting one involved if need be. Considering the entourage surrounding him, perhaps that wouldn't have been a bad idea.

While I hopelessly went around in circles about 2 more times, the woman who been expressing my concern to in the street came downstairs to tell me the owner just came outside & took the dog.

Pays to be nice, eh?

Suffice it to say I have absolutely no intentions of patronizing the Kips Bay Fairway, or any of their other stores...EVER.