Friday, June 22, 2012

What it costs to live in newly renovated apartments above a Starbucks in the East Village

Back in March, after seven or so years of stop-start renovations, we finally got to see the new-look 219 First Avenue...

[March 30]

We confirmed the Starbucks for the retail space here at East 13th Street... But what about the residential space?

A few of the rentals hit the market yesterday, per Streeteasy. Let's take a look.

NEVER LIVED IN top of the line 1br +DINNING area SUPER BRIGHT
Top of the line Kitchen new stainless steel appliances + DISHWASHEr. Cherry wood cabinets.
CORNER unit, get AMAZING sun light.
13th st and 1st avenue.
Queen size bed LARGE californian closet.
NEW bathroom (TUB)
tons of sunlight and PERFECT Union Square location. VERY high ceilings.
PLEASE note, this is available August 1st or a bit later.
Next to all, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, L train is a Block away and 4 minutes walk to Union Square subway station

(Do the words in all caps spell out some sort of message...?)

Anyway. A 600-square-foot one-bedroom unit is $2,450...

There's also a two-bedroom unit (650 square feet) available for $3,000. As crazy (sad?) as this sounds, these aren't as expensive as we expected... Streeteasy puts the median two-bedroom price in the East Village at $3,420.

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Pinch said...

Thought the very same thing about the rents, not too bad (relatively speaking, of course), especially with two people sharing.

AC said...

If no one has ever lived here before, then why is the toilet seat up?


Having looked at close to 20 apartments recently, this one isn't too bad. The rents a bit high but the dedicated rooms and all those windows are nice. Can't think of any bars in the immediate area that would keep someone up all night. Dare I say a good deal?

abrod said...

God help me but I agree with Liberation - it doesn't look half bad inside, and it's nowhere near as ridiculously "luxury priced" as I thought it'd be. Though I would still have to refuse to live in the same building as a Starbucks, on principle.

LvV said...

"PERFECT Union Square location"

Do you even go to this school?

blue glass said...

the kitchen sink won't hold a place, let alone a large pot.
i guess they'll all eat at starbucks.

Anonymous said...

With the darth of supply on the market, I wonder if the landlord is trying to orchestrate a bidding war? I bet that two-bedroom does hit $3,420 - or more.


Good eye Blue Glass, I didn't realize the sink is basically a wet bar. Perhaps they sacrificed a larger sink for more counter space, figuring the tenants will rinse their dishes and stick them in the dishwasher. Or eat at Subway.

Anonymous said...