Monday, June 25, 2012

Updated: Life Cafe closing Bushwick outpost

We just received a news release... nine months after closing Life Cafe on East 10th Street and Avenue B, owner Kathy Kirkpatrick is retiring and shutting down her Bushwick outpost of the restaurant after Saturday night.

Updated 3:02:

According to the Life Cafe website, "A new café/bar will open immediately thereafter under a new name."

Kirkpatrick also writes that her Bushwick landlord announced a few months ago that he would not renew the Life Cafe lease.

Per Kirkpatrick: "I’ve finally come to terms with the events of the last year. My husband John and I have gotten over our disbelief, anger and sadness at losing both places in one year."

The Brooklyn outpost of Life opened in 2002 on Flushing Avenue.



Anonymous said...

Game over. Benny Coffin won.

Anonymous said...

Why not take over the lease from yippie cafe there in hot water as Dana won't be able to put anymore chump change there way.....

Anonymous said...

Kathy come back. take over the former Kate's Joint space. it's perfect, and no predatory landlords trying to push you out with scaffolding and refusing to do repairs. The landlords had a plan. You watch how the scaffolding will come down once Ninth street espresso moves in and once the corner is rented to a more upwardly mobile lot.

Come back to the hood we are waiting for you. What is the rent at Kate's anyway? Anybody know? i think it could be a hit.


@Kathy Thank you for staying in business as long as you did. Life was one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants. The food was always good, the staff friendly and the drinks strong!

Best of luck with the next chapter of your life... no pun intended ;)

Anonymous said...

Kathy is an amazong woman and has dedicated her life to servibg the neghborhoods of both EV and BW. Great jpb on 30 years as our home and good luck with the next chapter!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE PROVIDED FOR SO LONG