Friday, February 3, 2017

EV Grieve Etc.: Details on the LGBTQ Solidarity Rally; About the Bowery Presents deal

Details on the LGBTQ Solidarity Rally outside the Stonewall Inn tomorrow afternoon at 2 (Facebook)

NYU Anti-Fascists vs. the Proud Boys at NYU last night; 11 arrests (Gothamist)

Ex-con arrested after stealing jeep from the East Village (DNAinfo)

A look at Economy Candy in the 1980s (Ephemeral New York)

Black History Month in NYC: 15 historic sites to visit (Curbed)

C&B Café at 178 E. 7th St. near Avenue B turns 2 tomorrow (Instagram ... previously)

AEG deal to buy half of Bowery Presents does not include Bowery Ballroom or Mercury Lounge (Pitchfork)

This weekend: "Beyond Cassavetes: Lost Legends of the New York Film World (1945-70)" (Anthology Film Archives)

Nation senior editor Lizzy Ratner tells Jared Kushner's family story in a personal meditation on her own family's passage to America, which parallels that of Kushner's (The Nation)

Hanging around with some hawks (Laura Goggin Photography)

Troubles at the the Cornelia Street Cafe (Off the Grid)

An interview with Tod [A] of Cop Shoot Cop (Flaming Pablum)

The American Political Items Collectors show is Sunday in Seward Park (The Lo-Down)

There goes the Carnegie Deli sign (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

If you feeling like going out Sunday night but not have to be subjected to the Super Bowl, here's one option: Jimmy's No. 43 at 43 E. Seventh St. is offering a break from the game — no TVs with "old-time folk singers in the back room."

Or there's always a screening of the 1977 Paul Newman comedy "Slap Shot" down at the Metrograph on Ludlow Street Sunday night at 8:45 ...


Anonymous said...

"Dave's a killer!"

-The Hansons

Anonymous said...

Do you think the Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom are holding out for a better deal? Webster Hall is landmarked and does its own promotions. Rough Trade NYC is now part owned by AEG? I'm confused. Weird.

EV Grieve said...

I got a good deal on those boys. The scouts said they showed a lot of promise.

Anonymous said...

I hope the new venue on Lafayette works out. I wish that Hi-Fi would do music full time like when it was Brownies. If noise is an issue, I thought, what bout doing a more architectural awning out front, like they have at movie theaters,you know, kind of like scaffolding where everyone stands under it.

Anonymous said...

Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom were, are, and always will be overrated dumps. Too bad lames own better spaces in Village Underground and Le Poisson Rouge.

That new venue on Lafayette will bomb because it's not big enough to generate enough revenue from French toast, eggs, omelettes, and live music 30-50 people will pay to see (and I'm being kind with 30-40.)

Hi-Fi and Continental could easily have live music but are owned by lames who'd rather cater to the bro/shebro/woohoo/NYU crowd.

Anonymous said...

"How dare you! How DAAAARE you!" LOL

JQ LLC said...

Lindsay Crouse has the current political climate and normalcy under the incompetent reign of Don Worthless nailed.

Fuck Old Time Hockey.

JQ LLC said...

Hey Hanarhan, Suzanne sucks pussy!!!!

She's A Lesbian!! A Lesbian !!

Anonymous said...

A BOUNTY?!!!! We could all end up in th'clinker!

So many memorable quotes.

The late great Paul Newman's lone straight up comedy, I think. I wish he had done more comedies.