Tuesday, February 28, 2017

St. Mark's Bookshop closed 1 year ago today

[Photos from yesterday]

After 38 years at four locations, St. Mark's Bookshop closed for good on Feb. 28, 2016, at 136 E. Third St. between Avenue A and First Avenue. (There was a one-day epilogue sale the following week.)

Anyway, one year later, the Feb. 28 closing signs remain on the storefront...

The storefront has been on the market. The entire 1,328-square-foot space (no basement access) is available for $6,640 per month.

The Bookshop's longtime home at 31 Third Ave. also remains vacant more than 2.5 years later. St. Mark's Bookshop moved to Third Street in July 2014.



Anonymous said...

Wow. Truly amazing how quickly time passes. I remember it like it was yesterday. Bookstores are now a thing of the past sadly.

JQ LLC said...

The original location for St. Marks as well as Barnes and noble former locations in Greenwich and Flatiron are still vacant also. It's a living metaphor and wretched monuments for existential willful ignorance.

Anonymous said...

JC LLC Please don't be so dramatic! "existential willful ignorance"? How about the fact that technology and online stores like Amazon have changed buying habits.

I never walked into a Barnes and Noble and thought the people hanging out there all day treating it as a library rather then a retail store were apart of some brilliant brain trust. Those are the people that killed these places. The last book I bought "brand new" looked at though it had been paged through by everyone in NYC.

I want to open a LP Record store that also sells 8 track tapes and Betamax video. Probably a bad idea, right?

I love book stores but I also used to love coffee shops when they were more than a place for babies to set up shop all day, hog a table in order to tap on the phone all day. Stay home and read or support a local library. "Judge ye not..."

JQ LLC said...


I was referring to tech and app consumerism too.

I was mistaken about the flatiron store, that's a banana republic (funny how clothing shops exist despite online shopping). But definitely not the original st. Mark's and the Barnes on 8th, which are practically mausoleums.

I judge whenever I want, thank you. And I stand by my opinion about this brainless generation. That's why Trump is President

Anonymous said...

To 4:40 p.m.: Read up on the demographics of voters. Young people didn't vote for Trump in anywhere near the numbers that middle-aged and older folks did. And Clinton actually got nearly three million more votes than Trump. It was the electoral college and the rigging of districts that got Trump elected. You can say lots of bad things about young people, but it is erroneous to blame them for Trump's win. You need to read more books! ;)

Giovanni said...

JQ LLC is right--young white Millennials went for Trump 48% to 43%. They also went for more third party candidates than other groups, squandering ther vote and allowing Trump to win by even larger margins is key states. Not only do they need books, they need a good education. From Bloomberg:

"Among the younger portion of the millennial generation, 18 to 29 year olds, Trump earned 37 percent of the vote to Clinton's 55 percent. Millennials of color were considerably more likely to support Clinton than Trump, Circle found, while young white voters actually threw more support behind the winner. Trump secured 48 percent of the white vote in the 18-to-29 age group, while Clinton won just 43 percent."

Anonymous said...

You know, in all this time, whenever I wanted to buy a book, I never thought "I should go to St. Mark's Bookshop. Oh wait, they're gone." It was always "I should go to The Strand."

Anonymous said...

JQ LLC, 3rd Avenue was not their original location, for the record.

JQ LLC said...

No Problem, 8:04, it's just the one I'm familiar with for the past 20 years.