Monday, October 3, 2016

The rent for the former St. Mark's Bookshop

Two weeks ago we mentioned that the former St. Mark's Bookshop was for rent at 136 E. Third St.

At the time, there was only a mention on LoopNet. As a follow-up, the for rent sign arrived late last week at the storefront in the NYCHA-controlled First Houses between Avenue A and First Avenue.

The listing is now also live at the NYCHA website. The asking rent is $60 per square foot ... the entire 1,328-square-foot space (no basement access) is available for $6,640 per month.

After 38 years at four locations, St. Mark's Bookshop closed for good last Feb. 28.


Anonymous said...

That actually seems like a good price for the space. Hope someone can make a go of it.

Scuba Diva said...

It's a damn good rent; I hope we get a community-minded store—not a dry-cleaners or a bar!

chris flash said...

The commercial spaces controlled by the city in this, the first city housing project, along Avenue A, between 3rd and 4th Streets, should be well below the hyper-inflated "market" rate for commercial tenants, with preference given to long-term locally-owned businesses that serve the community. $6,600 for a space on that DEAD block is not exactly a bargain rent.

The city has no right going for an untenable rent, based on what other landlords are charging -- in fact, the city has no business being in the real estate business!!

Anonymous said...

6.6K by 30 days a month = average 220 a day to make rent

1.1K stuff you sell in the store (by 30 days a month = 36.67 a day)
1.1K on-site rent party every second Friday night
1.1K off-site rent party every fourth
1.1K space rental for one event
1.1K live music show @ Pyramid one Saturday a month
1.1K 100 memberships @ 11 a membership per month (121 a year) - each member may sell one small item on consignment in the space as well as get 10% off any purchase (people apply for membership as there are only 100 memberships available)

Knock $100 off each if you can get the city to take an even 6K a month.