Friday, October 21, 2016

Rainy days and Fridays

Photo on 10th Street near Avenue C via Bobby Williams


Anonymous said...

Get ready to barf:

I'm watching Tamron "Blank Face" Hall (the most boring newswoman on tv news) have none other than Zach Neil and his fellow tool of a partner basically get a free nationwide ad for 'Merica.

Good job by MSNBC promoting people who think Trump's bigotry is funny, and I could care less if they clown on other political candidates.

Now I remember why I don't watch Tamron Hall.

Anonymous said...

Tamron Hall got busted as a Trump suckup months ago. She left Donald Trump a fawning voicemail which was leaked, thanking him for getting he a discount at the Gucci store in Trump Tower and other favors. Now she's promoting this overpriced tourist trap that promotes Trump's bigotry and makes fun of America. Nice job Tamron, and good luck in your next job on the Trump TV Network..

Anonymous said...

Don't like tamron hall. A bigmouth. Like bully bush. What are they thinking? She interrupts and has to get her point across (pointless) and talks over the guests. Make a another payment to get rid of her NBC. bring on someone who seemed as sincere like Natalie Morales.