Tuesday, October 25, 2016

3 new name possibilities for Church of Most Holy Redeemer and Nativity on 3rd Street

[EVG photo from the summer]

Last week we noted that there's a movement afoot to change the name of the Roman Catholic Church of Most Holy Redeemer and Nativity on East Third Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. (The Church of the Nativity on Second Avenue merged with Most Holy Redeemer in July 2015.)

Father Sean McGillicuddy solicited suggestions for the new name via the church bulletin.

The three top proposals are:

• Most Holy Redeemer and Nativity Church

• The Nativity of Most Holy Redeemer

• Saint John XXIII Church

According to an EVG reader and parishioner, ballots will be given out at every mass next weekend and the results will be given to Cardinal Dolan.

Possible new name aside, the neighbor told us previously that several of Father McGillicuddy's initiatives have been perceived as "ruinous" by some of the parishioners, who don't feel comfortable speaking out about the changes.


DrGecko said...

Shouldn't we have a EVGrieve contest on the name?

"Most Holy Redeemer and Nativity" gets the order of those events backwards, since He had to be born before he could redeem the world (by dying; and most people don't get a 2nd act).

(And what's with that "Most"? It's not like there's a cousin Mortimer who's the 2nd-most Holy Redeemer.)

John XXIII was canonized just a year and a half ago, so that seems too much of a fashion statement.

"The Nativity of Most Holy Redeemer" needs an article, but they can probably get someone to donate one.

I don't think that "Church of the Annoying Priest but Way Cool Crypt" will wear well, but it seems to fit right now.

blue glass said...

and why are they changing the names?

Anonymous said...

Father McGillicuddy? Are you serious? I thought that was a made-up name!

DrGecko said...

@blue glass - they're taking advantage of a recent merger (with the former Church of the Nativity) to rebrand.

Giovanni said...

God & Son Church, Since Year 0