Monday, October 17, 2016

Evelyn Drinkery has closed on Avenue C

After four years at 171 Avenue C between 10th Street and 11th Street, Evelyn Drinkery has closed.

An EVG reader shared this email that the owners of the cocktail bar sent out this past Friday...

We understand that new owners will be taking over the space. We will have more on the new tenants once we get some final confirmation.

The space was previously home to TenEleven, a space that we always liked. Never made it to the Drinkery.

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Anonymous said...

Not shocked. I was there with a friend in the Spring. Love that place. Went lots. Recommended it to lots of people. The bartender passive aggressively asked if we were European b/c he didn't think our tips were high enough. Mind you: we were tipping and I've never been accused of tipping poorly. Turns out he was AN OWNER! We had it out and I haven't been back.

Anonymous said...

I live right around the corner so wanted to love this place, going way too many times in hopes that it would get better. But every drink I had there was borderline undrinkable (and I'm not picky) and the bartenders were the worst. They treated everyone that came in the door like an unwanted tourist. It's a great space and location, so hopefully the new owners will make it a friendly spot for Alphabet City.

Shawn said...

TenEleven was great! When it closed I was bummed, and yah, never went to the "new" place. Funny how these places never last more than a few years.

Build a locals bar, and you'll make it, it's really not that hard, folks.

Note to landlords!

Scuba Diva said...

Previous to TenEleven, I believe it was Micky's Blue Room, wasn't it?

Jared said...

Locations on Ave C above 10th St are doomed. It is nearly surrounded by institutions that have no street life (storefronts): the Middle Income development on east side of C, to 11th St, Campos Plaza a couple blocks to the north, and the ConEd and Stuy Town behemoths to the north and northeast.