Thursday, October 27, 2016

East Village Meat Market hosting the 2nd Annual Pierogi Tasting Day on Saturday

Via the EVG inbox...

We will be giving out FREE samples of some of the best pierogies that the Ukrainian community has to offer. We will be serving Potato, Cheese, Buckwheat, Sauerkraut, Short ribs, Pumpkin and many other varieties. Pierogies will be available for purchase as well!

We are all very excited about partnering with Veselka, but most important we can't wait to spread the "Pierogi Love" to our customers and East Village neighbors.

The event will take place all day (9 am-6 pm) at our store on 139 Second Ave.

Find more details here. And check out photos from last year's event here.

[2015 photo via Stacie Joy]

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Anonymous said...

I am getting in line right now! Pierogi - pyrohy, for the cognoscenti - yum and yum!