Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week in Grieview

[Photo outside Gem Spa by Derek Berg]

New ownership makes it official at the former Red Square on East Houston (Tuesday)

Ribbon-cutting ceremony marks return of a community garden on Avenue C (Friday)

City says no to landmarking row of Seventh Street homes, clearing way for demolition of No. 264 (Friday)

New life for Bolt, the dog abandoned in Tompkins Square Park (Saturday)

Wayland team opening Drift Inn at former Evelyn Drinkery space on Avenue C (Monday)

Sigmund Pretzel Shop makes closing official on Avenue B (Tuesday)

Blink Fitness is now open on Avenue A (Tuesday)

Another broker for former Chase branch on Avenue A, where the asking rent is nearly $50k a month (Monday)

Virgola is no more on Seventh Street (Monday)

Fall greetings from Kita the Wonder Dog of East 10th Street (Tuesday)

Lamia's Fish Market headed to SLA for a beer-wine license for 45 Avenue B (Tuesday)

Three new name possibilities for Church of Most Holy Redeemer and Nativity on Third Street (Tuesday)

Squish Marshmallows signage arrives at 120 St. Mark's Place (Friday)

Out and About with Grant Stitt (Wednesday)

Something new to sit on at Astor Place (Wednesday)

Pit crew preps for 22-unit condo on First Avenue (Friday)

Tiny food for Astor Place (Thursday)

Celebrate Halloween with construction and water service interruptions! (Thursday)

Humongous fungus (Monday ... Tuesday)

Divya's Kitchen now open in the Bhakti Center on First Avenue (Wednesday)

Both storefronts at 111 E. Seventh St. are now for rent (Thursday)

The Dump Trump Collection (Monday)

SantaCon is Dec. 10 this year (Wednesday)

Turning over some new leaves for Cooper Square (Wednesday)

...and this is why we can't leave out nice discarded toilets...

[Photo on 10th Street by Steven]


Gojira said...

Are those Republican ballot boxes?

Anonymous said...

I've seen a rash of old toilets hitting the streets lately. This is indicative of the renovations taking place throughout the area as old buildings with bathtubs in the kitchen and closets for toilets are being changed into upscale, overpriced studios with bidets.

Anonymous said...

@4:15, no, those are Hillary's email shredders.

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest, 9:12pm.

Clinton didn't shred emails or do criminally wrong with her emails.

Get used to her as POTUS 2017-25.