Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Divya's Kitchen now open in the Bhakti Center on 1st Avenue

Back in early September we noted that Divya’s Kitchen was opening in the Bhakti Center's dining space at 25 First Ave. between First Street and Second Street.

After a few days in soft-open mode, Divya's Kitchen is now up and running... the restaurant's reps sent along the following opening announcement:

Food trends come and go, but preserving your health is ongoing. For this reason (and much more) we proudly introduce the newest addition to the East Village, an Ayurvedic, vegetarian dining establishment — Divya’s Kitchen.

Brought to you by Chef Divya Alter, author of the forthcoming cookbook "What to Eat for How You Feel," (Rizzoli, April 2017), and co-founder of Bhagavat Life, a non-profit culinary school promoting health, wellness and holistic living.

Divya’s Kitchen will be the first ever New York City restaurant presenting authentic organic Ayurvedic cooking in a wide variety of culinary styles. Rooted in the ancient Shaka Vansiya (SV) Ayurvedic principles, this unique and esteemed practice takes pride in great tasting and beautifully presented food that makes you feel great both during the meal and beyond.

Not only will Divya’s Kitchen be a place to grab a meal and enjoy the company of others, it will be a place to learn more about the art of Ayurveda through your meals, the knowledgeable staff and their Boutique Gift Shop. The shop will be featuring a select inventory of Ayurvedic teas, spice blends, house-made cultured ghee, and books.

Divya's Kitchen is open Tuesday-Sunday from 5-10 p.m.


Scuba Diva said...

This is going to be great; I seriously am going to check this out the first chance I get.

Anonymous said...

I'm annoyed at this, they should've run with the casual concept they had before, now I don't wanna go in. I don't like the menu and I don't like how it's a whole restaurant thing now. They should've just expanded that awesome delicious healthy bar they had going. Light and airy atmosphere and great food at a decent price. That was what was uppppp now it's just another spot.

Anonymous said...

Ayurveda is a rich, ancient philosophy with much to teach us. I am trying to learn. I look forward to trying this place -- and taking a look at the cookbook, too.

Anonymous said...

Checked out the place. Very nice decor. The prices are a bit high, but I am sure that the food is amazing. I won't be able to frequent as much as I did before but I will try to come on special occasions.