Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It will now be more challenging to tag the front of the former Chase branch on 2nd Avenue

Workers this afternoon are installing roll-down gates outside 130 Second Ave. at St. Mark's Place...

People had been tagging the front of the former Chase on a regular basis... this one arrived overnight on Oct. 11...

The space will eventually be converted into the Swiss Institute, a non-profit cultural center currently located on Wooster Street. The Chase branch here consolidated with the one two blocks away last November.

Updated 10/20

[Photo by Steven]

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Anonymous said...

We'll see about that.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the gate will be tag proof.......

blue glass said...

chase in its wisdom consolidated two branches
cut out half of the four tellers
put in space-age machines to replace them
now has long lines almost all the time
obviously chase is not interested in cutomers that are not eliiglbe for 'private banking" - is that what it's called?

Anonymous said...

The graffiti makeover is actually an improvement. So why spend $6k on a gate -- that, too, will eventually be tagged?