Monday, June 13, 2011

More on the NYC Icy's arrival on Avenue A

On Saturday, we pointed out that NYC Icy was now operating out of the front of Keith Masco's incoming Badburger at 171 Avenue A near 11th Street.

We asked Masco for some details. Via email, he told us that this will by NYC Icy's "semi-permanent home." He said they'd be selling NYC Icy there until at least October, then it will be available as a dessert menu item.

Meanwhile, last summer, when the NYC Icy was operating on Avenue A near Seventh Street, an icy-icee war of sorts started at Rays's. Scoopy at The Villager noted that the NYC Icy had taken "half" of Rays's business. (This according to Ray.) So Ray launched his own version of icees.

[Photo by Slum Goddess]

Anyway, somewhere along the line, that sign morphed into...

This hasn't gone unnoticed by Masco and the NYC Icy folks. "I am surprised that someone with as much goodwill in the community would turn around and flat out lie to his customers like that," said Masco.

Meanwhile, Masco, whose original plans for a fishmonger and seafood restaurant at 171 Avenue were rejected by CB3, said he expects the 24/7 Badburger to be open here in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see NYC Icy found a space. I became addicted to their icees last summer!

chris flash said...

What "lie," Masco???? You are a carpetbagging interloper and you do NOT own the letters "NYC ICY"!!

Ray's has been serving the community in the same location since 1974. During that time, he has been serving ices, all year round.

Long after you fold up and fade away, we'll continue to buy REAL ices from RAY's at 7th Street + Avenue A!!

also anon said...

re: ray's and icy. there is no way that nyc icy took 1/2 of ray's way. ray has his clientele and i doubt they were swayed by nyc icy, if only for the difference in price. that said, the reality is that ray serves regular old marino's (or some other sort of) ready made ices and frogurt. nyc icy makes their own exceptional, original recipe ices and ice creams. they are some of the best i've ever had, anywhere. their quick word of mouth success is testament to that, despite the fact that their stuff is probably 2x or more as expensive as ray's. ray is a nice guy but he prospers mostly on location, convenience, kitsch and neighborhood sentimentality. icy thrives on an amazing product.