Monday, July 18, 2011

[Updated] At the Mars Bar vigil tonight

[Photo by @mgsledge.]

Around 6:30, we received notice of a planned candlelight vigil at the Mars Bar for 8 p.m. Several readers are at the scene... one estimate has 25 people outside the now-shuttered bar. With candles!

[Photo by the long-lost Intern of EV Grieve]

[Updated] Goggla sends along some photos. You can find more on her Flickr page.

She has some videos too... including people collecting their art from inside the bar ... and a version of "Mars Bars Blues."


Crazy Eddie said...

The King (Mars Bar) is dead. Long live the King (Blarney Cove)!

Melanie said...

Nice photos Goggla.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I'm sorry the video is so dark, but the Mars Bar Blues song was really great - I hope they make a recording.

Seeing the plaster ripped off the walls was just so sad. The body wasn't even cold before the vultures descended.