Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fu Sushi plot thickens: Manager denies restaurant open during DOH closure

So, you've read about Fu Sushi allegedly/reportedly remaining open despite a DOH closure, a story that may or may not include a restaurant employee chasing a Post photographer down the street. (And why not just stop and take a photo of this?)

Last night, Al Jones at 1010 WINS interviewed Fu Sushi manager Sam Chung, who denied they were open. Per the story:

Manager Sam Chung [said] that he and his employees were “cleaning up.”

“All we’re doing is wiping and re-wiping and re-wiping,” he said.

Chung denied the neighbor’s complaint the store was open for business over the weekend despite the violations.

“The door was open while I was…doing some renovating work,” he said.

When asked by Jones if his restaurant was selling any sushi at the time, Chung replied “no sir.”

Fox also checked in with a piece last night...

Closed Sushi Restaurant Remains Open:

This should be pretty easy to clear up. Anyone eat here this past weekend with a receipt to prove it?

The Post reports this morning that Fu failed its fourth DOH inspection yesterday.


Bowery Boogie said...

much more blog pilfering this week, prob because of the holiday slowdown...

Anonymous said...

I loved this place but sadly, I will move onto my other go-to BYO sushi haunt - Cherin on 6th.

Sidenote: Cherin has a "grade pending" - is Cherin going to become the new FU??