Monday, September 19, 2011

CB3/SLA votes against renewal for Heathers

[Heathers owner Heather Millstone and her attorney face the CB3/SLA committee. Photo by Shawn Chittle]

Heathers on East 13th Street is on the agenda for tonight's CB3/SLA committee meeting for a "renewal with complaint history" ... And after a lengthy debate, the committee has voted to deny the bar's request for the renewal, Shawn Chittle reports from the meeting.

The Times checked in with a lengthy article in January 2007 about the ongoing noise issues between the bar and neighbors.

Nearby neighbors said that Heathers is the worst offender among the bars on the northern stretch of Avenue A (and the side streets). The matter may be taken up with the full Community Board on Sept. 27.

In any event, the State Liquor Authority has the final say in these matters. This doesn't mean that Heathers will close. For instance, the CB3/SLA committee voted to deny TenEleven's license renewal in July, though the SLA later approved it.

Grub Street has more here.


Jeremiah Moss said...

there's actually a place called Heathers? named after the bitchy girls in the Winona Ryder classic?

Lux Living said...

Let's hope the cocktails don't cause people to fall crashing through the tables!

Hey19 said...

Well Fak me gently w a chainsaw, it looks like there is... It should be noted that the owner's name is Heather, but Im not going to let that stop me.

This is the first I have heard of this bar, but I still think I have been there by accident before. Should have gone back when I had the chance.

Crazy Eddie said...

"You blow it tonight, girl, and it's keggers with kids all next year."

Who knew.

Anonymous said...

actually, a pretty good bar. why can' they shut down the frat house shit holes that actually create the worst noise and attract the non-local crowds. ah, who gives a rat's, the nabe is dead.

Anonymous said...

Of all the bars in the EV to take a stand against, this is actually a decent little $hithole with interesting DJs and a mellow crowd. Let's just say.. no 13th Step, anyway.

glamma said...

goes to show how important it is to be a vocal neighbor and stand up for what you want.

Anonymous said...

fat buddha bar is by far the worse in this area

fat buddha bar used to be forbidden garden until they had their liquor license revoked and closed for ONE WEEK only to be reopen as fat buddha bar.

Shawn said...

Heather really seemed disconnected, reading (badly) from this laundry list of reasons her bar should be renewed, few of which addressed the concerns/complaints directly.

I must advise these owners that the lists are often quite (unintentionally) hilarious to the ears of residents. You sound like George Bush mentioning "1,000 points of light" during a major recession.

Utter ridiculousness.

Heather's lawyer, Frank (bar owner lawyer du jur) also seems to be living in never-never land, even drawing contempt from the board for his unprofessional antics.

The bar owner/lawyer wanted residents to meet monthly. Can you imagine that? Being required to attend a meeting to discuss why a loud bar on your block should continue?

Chair Militano said something to the effect of "bars on side streets have a much bigger burden to maintain order than avenues." This rang true to most.

The 13th Block Association, neighbors above, next door and across the street were pretty unified against this place.

The last thing that I found rather striking was one of the SLA board members saying "We're not trying to put anyone out of business" as if they were the reason a bar *would* go out of business, and as if such a penalty was never warranted in some cases. It most certainly is in some.

As Grieve said - it's not over yet...