Thursday, September 1, 2011

Veselka Bowery has beverage director; will open early next month

[Bobby Williams]

The Post had a feature yesterday on new restaurants, chefs and what not. I didn't read it. But... an EVG reader did, and noted that the Post included Veselka Bowery in its round-up, even running a photo of the new restaurant's beverage director.

Per the paper:

Count the bottles of Eastern European vodkas at Veselka Bowery (9 E. First St.; 212-387-7000), offspring of the beloved East Village Ukrainian soul-food joint. The new spot, opening in early October, will boast a full bar focused on small-producer vodkas from Poland, Ukraine and Russia, and an expanded menu. “It will be different and creative,” promises owner Tom Birchard.


AC said...

“It will be different and creative"


"It will be artisanal and expensive."

Anonymous said...

It appears that Veselka has jumped the shark.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Hotels and casinos need beverage directors. Seriously, does a (what, 100 seat or so?) NY restaurant need them for anything besides press releases?

bowery boy said...

For a long time now I've been hoping for a diner in the area where I can afford to eat on a regular basis. I was praying that this would be the one, but it's not gonna be, is it? I'm soooo sad.