Thursday, September 1, 2011

You have 20 shopping days left until the East Village IHOP opens!

I stopped by the incoming outpost here on East 14th Street last evening ... and the makeshift file-folder sign greeted me.

But! Daniel Maurer at the Local learns that the EVIHOP will open Sept. 20.

Twenty days from now! Oh, crap. Or is it 19? I hate math!

Which means! You will have time still to to take part in IHOP's Carmel Apple Sensations — "good through Oct. 30" as seen via

And now, for a limited time only, the complete EV Grieve IHOP collection...

And the hits keep on coming! IHOP opening on East 14th Street

New East Village IHOP will employ more than 200 people

Breaking: IHOP sign going up on East 14th Street

Behold your East Village IHOP

East Village IHOP passes first major test; plus, a sneak peek inside!

• Will the EVIHOP feature the Toto SS113-01 Cotton White SoftClose Toilet Seat? (Kidding! But I'm working on it!)


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

That might good way to start the day if you work on a farm. Everybody else will be enduring Carmel Apple sensations all morning.

Anonymous said...

I ate in an IHOP recently. One of the worst pancakes I'd had in a long time, a gummy mess. And, since they were almost $10, sent them back twice, finally asked for a waffle, and even that sucked. (as does most fast food)

How painful is it to see crap like this become a predominant food choice in a neighborhood that used to have a great luncheonette or diner on almost every block ?. Missing all my favorite (gone but not forgotten) Polish restaurants right now....

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I gained 10 lbs just looking at that

Anonymous said...

say what you want, that pic made me hungry