Thursday, October 11, 2012

Duane Park-Bowery Poetry Club mashup coming together

Several months have passed since since there was any news about a revamped Bowery Poetry Club, which closed on July 17. The BPC website promised a fall return, which seemed optimistic considering nothing has been happening inside the space.

As DNAinfo's Serena Solomon first reported, BPC would merge with Tribeca burlesque club Duane Park. But just how all this would work was a bit of a mystery.

However, Grub Street provided an update yesterday afternoon. At a CB2 meeting Wednesday night, Duane Park co-owner Marisa Ferrarin told Grub Street that "Holman will do poetry readings on Sundays and Mondays, and that Duane Park — with Southern-inspired food and live entertainment like burlesque shows, magicians, and contortionists — runs the space the other nights of the week. The arrangement is flexible, so the duo may do poetry dinners together."

And when should all this happen? It seems a little vague — the new place should open "sometime next year after renovations are complete."

Meanwhile, BPC II will still have to compete with this next door...

[Photo by Jeremiah Moss]

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glamma said...

If I see that sign it will take everything in me not to kick it directly into the path of the 18 wheelers.

Marty Wombacher said...

The Stoned Crow should've made the list, but at least it's mentioned in the last paragraph. I'll always miss Sunday afternoons at the Mars Bar.

Anonymous said...

I read this headline fast and thought there was going to be a Duane Reade/Bowery Poetry Club mashup for a few seconds, and the idea freaked me out but then didn't seem entirely implausible. ;) -- CC

glamma said...

i miss the stoned crow!!
also apocalypse bar although it was short lived.
i will always regret not accepting the job i was offered to gogo in the windows there!

glamma said...

oops wrong post
you got me all hopped up today grieve : )

Marty Wombacher said...

I posted on the wrong one too, sorry!