Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reader requests: 'At least you...' WHAT?

From an EVG reader:

I need your help. Every morning while walking on 2nd Ave, I see half of a phrase written on the top of a building on the NW corner of 7th St. and 2nd Ave. All I'm ever able to make out is "AT LEAST YOU", but I am dying to find out what the rest of it says.

Anyone have access to the roof? A helicopter? Anyone know the rest of what is written there...?


Anonymous said...

At Least You can Read It. Jim Joe

bomarr said...

i suspected that, but i don't believe it is. it does not look like jim joe's writing. as you probably know, he DOES have a piece that says that on 14th street though.

Axis of Eville said...

maybe it just ends there.
i see "you would" all over the place.