Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Clay Pot, from Hong Kong to St. Mark's Place

Signage is up for a new restaurant called Clay Pot at 58 St. Mark's Place between First Avenue and Second Avenue...

According to their Facebook page, they will be serving "traditional Hong Kong style open-flame cooked clay pot rice."

Here's more:

Clay Pot Rice – a literal translation from the dish called “Bao Zai Fan” (煲仔饭) – is revitalizing a traditional style of cooking rice in a clay pot over an open-flame setting. A flavor packed combination of aromatic Jasmine rice, topped with fresh ginger, scallion, a splash of soy sauce, and enriched with your choice of protein, come together to deliver your taste buds on a powerful and savory exotic journey.

Hakata Hot Pot and Sushi Lounge closed here at the end of February 2016. (Hakata Hot Pot combined with sister restaurant Zen 6 the next block to the west at 31 St. Mark's Place.)

Natori, a longtime favorite, closed at this address in November 2012.


Gojira said...

Aw, jeez, Natori, I was thinking about them just the other day. Altho Clay Pot sounds intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds edible enough. The words clay-pot are not particularly appetizing. Un like say, 'skillet'. I think it's because in English the word clay generally refers to the wet stuff, from which ceramic pottery is made.

Scuba Diva said...

Damn, I thought it was going to be the Clay Pot jewelry store.

Scuba Diva said...

At 5:16, Anonymous said:

The words clay-pot are not particularly appetizing.

Neither is a restaurant named "black ant," but they seem to be doing all right.

(Coming from Connecticut, where the black ant is one of our chief pests, I'm more than a little squicked by a restaurant named after it.)