Monday, September 4, 2017

A new (and refurbished) 9/11 mural for 9th Street and Avenue A

[Photo yesterday by Steven]

As you likely noticed, the 9/11 mural on the Ninth Street side of 145 Avenue A is in pretty bad shape.

The proprietors of the new gelato shop that opened here earlier this summer reached out to ask for input on what to do with the wall space. Refurbish the mural or paint it over.

Looks as if there will be a combination of those choices.

Yesterday, artist (and musician) David Ouimet started prepping the wall for a new 9/11 mural — incorporating part of the original — that he will paint on Sunday, 9/10.

Lola Sáenz shared these two photos from today... she said that he is not getting paid for the mural, and has permission from the Gelarto folks to rework it...

Jesse Fischler, who co-owned the former Shrine Records on Ninth Street, created the original mural.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the artist of the original mural?