Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bali Kitchen will start serving Indonesian cuisine tonight on 4th Street

Bali Kitchen opens this evening at 5 here at 128 E. Fourth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

The small restaurant is owned by Jazz Pasay, a fashion designer in Indonesia who also loves to cook. He has worked at Indonesian and Japanese restaurants in the past. This is his first restaurant in NYC, according to a Bali Kitchen rep, who added "we are delighted to be part of the East Village."

Bali Kitchen is open daily from 5-10:30 p.m. You can find the menu via the Bali website here.


Per Bali Kitchen: "We would like to invite the East Village community to celebrate our opening by giving a 15% discount when your readers mention 'EV Grieve' to our cashiers. This promotion is good until the end of September 2017."


Gojira said...

Oh my God that looks amazing. I'm going tonight!

Gar said...

Hope they open for lunch soon.

Jgtissera said...

My Fiancé and I are there this evening, we live right above it. Safe to say it's made our short list of quick and tasty dinner options.
The veggies were fresh and crispy!

Unknown said...

Decent food .. great and friendly service , everything on menu was delicious .. it was very special ... will recommend to everyone we know going to Bali Kitchen by Jazz Passay ... thank you .. will visit again

Anonymous said...

Jones for Rendang.

Cosmo said...

I tried this place the other night. Exceptional food and extremely nice people. It's my new favorite place!