Thursday, September 14, 2017

La Plaza's grand willow tree comes down tomorrow

Back in July, officials at La Plaza Cultural announced that the last two willow trees in the community garden on the southwest corner of Avenue C and Ninth Street would have to be removed.

The trees, nicknamed Cher and Krusty, are rotting, and may be in danger of falling during a storm. La Plaza gardeners have said that the trees are more than 40 years old.

The Parks Department announced that they will have the larger of the two willows — the one near Avenue C nicknamed Cher — removed tomorrow morning. (The second willow, Krusty, located near the gazebo, is also in poor shape and will likely need to come down at some point.)

During the work on Friday, La Plaza will be closed.

Last night, La Plaza gardeners removed any lawn furniture in Cher's path ... and said their final goodbyes.

Rev. Billy presided over a Weeping Willow Wake on July 9.

[Photo on July 9 by Steven]

Updated 5 p.m.

EVG regular Jose Garcia shares some flyers that someone placed at La Plaza...

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Goodbye, Cher. I look forward to some day enjoying your next generation.