Monday, September 4, 2017

Manhattan makes a return visit to Tompkins Square Park

Manhattan, a nickname (along with 10 or Ten) for Christo and Dora's 2017 hawklet, hasn't been seen in recent weeks... and the red-tailed hawk watchers in Tompkins Square Park figured she had left for good (as the young hawks have done in previous years).

However, last evening around 6, she made a return engagement (top photo).

And today she was back for more...

Steven, who shared these photos, said she was crying out for food.

After she realized she wasn't going to be fed, she struck out on her own... pouncing on a dead pigeon.

However, she didn't eat the decomposing pigeon, because it was, well, disgusting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Stay freshies, dude! That dead pigeon may have died from eating poison, which you would have then ingested. Bad for the tummy!