Friday, September 1, 2017

Summer's end: So long to the hawklets of Tompkins Square Park

After an entertaining few months in Tompkins Square Park this summer, the two red-tailed hawk fledglings have apparently moved on.

Goggla has a post with more details here.

There is Christo and Dora's only 2017 offspring, nicknamed Manhattan (or 10, for being their 10th hawklet) ...

[Photo by Steven from Aug. 19]

Here's Dora feeding Manhattan back on May 15...

[Photo by Bobby Williams]


And on June 14, Ranger Rob (aka Rob Mastrianni, a Manhattan Ranger supervisor) released a juvenile red-tailed hawk into the Park that had been injured earlier in the month in Brooklyn. Hawk watchers nicknamed him Flatbush, as he fell from a nest on Flatbush Avenue.

[Photo by Derek Berg from June 24]

Christo and Dora took him under their wing (sorry) fed him rats, taught him to hunt and treated him like their own hawklet.

Anyway, as Goggla reported on Wednesday, the juveniles have not been spotted of late.

She writes:

People often ask me where the young hawks go when they leave the park. I wish I knew! They instinctively disperse, but I don't know if they fly a few miles away, or migrate somewhere completely different. I also don't know if they return. Flatbush is banded, so if he does decide to visit, he will be identifiable.

All we can do is wish them safe travels and a long healthy life.

Although it's sad to bid farewell to the fledglings, we still have Christo and Dora, who should stick around and defend their territory.

[Photo by Steven of Christo, left, and Dora from February]


Scuba Diva said...

It's healthier, of course, that the fledglings are leaving the park and going to places like Chinatown, where they're sorely needed.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout a Pixar movie about Christo and Dora? : )